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"Communist Party Pays Farmer-Labor Convention Expenses" (Dec. 1923)


"Communist Party Pays Farmer-Labor Convention Expenses,"

by Emil Herman (1879-1928)

An article published in The Socialist World [Chicago], v. 4, no. 12 (Dec. 1923), pp. 6-7.

No copyright notice in original publication, public domain.

This article by the Pacific Northwest organizer for the Socialist Party of America relates Herman's personal experiences at the Nov. 24-25, 1923, convention of the Federated Farmer-Labor Party in Everett, Washington. Herman is critical of the "incongruous mass" back of the FFLP and notes the backing of the organization by the Workers Party of America.

This machine-readable pdf edited by Tim Davenport and published in Corvallis, Oregon by 1000 Flowers Publishing, 2005.

Non-commercial use permitted.

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